Monday, May 20, 2013


Como vai?

Its sounds like everyone is doing super good at home! Cameron is crazy! Tell him not to change in the mission; everyone likes the crazy guy’s ha-ha. I think it is weird that grandma and grandpa are already done with their mission. Time went by super fast. Doesn't it feel like Christmas was only a couple weeks ago? Congrats to Kelley with Buddy Club and Miamaids ( menina-moça). I don' wear the jacket that I came with, its way to hot here, Cameron might though because it rains a lot more there. I heard it rains almost every day there, but not like for a long time sabe? Alright so let’s get to the big news: I have some. I got my MRi read and it turns out that I have a degenerative process in the medial meniscus, and maybe some small tears, at least that’s what the doc here said, I dont know how good their info is, because it is Brazil. He told me to do 10 sessions of physical therapy and then if there is still pain to go see him again. So I don't need surgery for now. The worst part is that normally people don’t have this problem until they have 50 years or so. So as soon as I know more ill keep you updated. We also had 3 baptisms Sunday! So far I have baptized 8 people here in this area. 5 of them are from the same family. We baptized a brother and sister of the girl we baptized a couple weeks ago, and her aunt. And I think maybe the stepmom a lot less, but it seems like we are still being blessed. Kind of cool. Also a cool story from this week. We did service at the bishops house this week, building a ceiling, everything here is built from bricks and cement. So we had to make the cement and lift it up to the ceiling with buckets and guess who the guy that got to lift the buckets. Me ha-ha, the best part was the BBQ we had after. The BBQ here is super different; they only cook the stuff and Shish kabob skewers and only put salt on the meat while it’s cooking! It turns out super good every time. Transfers were this week and me and Elder Wilkins stayed in our area. I use my iPod a bit, but also you can tell cam to put all the music on a pen drive because here they have little speakers that you just plug a pen drive into. It’s a lot easier and cheaper. So on Sunday I think I will try and call at like 3 your time so 7 my time. Also I might call you on the phone today to get it all figured out. Alright? Well I think that’s all I have for now! Até Domingo!

Love you guys!

Elder Brady Simpson

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