Monday, April 29, 2013


Ei Família,
This week was good! It started being winter finally and so we get rain like everyday now, but guess what it is still freaking hot all the time. It was a pretty slow week work wise though. It gets a little harder in the rain, not as many people in the streets and such, and the motivation to go out and get soaking wet isnt all that great sometimes haha. So yesterday Ricardo the guy we baptized and married went to church and got confirmed that was big, he usually is super lazy and doesnt go to church. We talked to him this week and he said he has already noticed changes for the better in his life since after the baptisim. Its so great to know that we are really helping people and families. So i have a funny story from lunch yesterday. The family that gave us lunch is a younger couple like late 20s and they always do like a practice lesson like they are investigators. She was baptized not that long ago like a few years or something so she always ask questions that we have to think about. and they wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon ( our Bible haha) She asked a question about where in the Bible does it say that there was people in the Americas. And i shared the scripture of when Christ says that he has many sheep that are not of his fold in Jerusalém but they will hear his voice. Except in portugues the word for sheep is really close to the word for ear... and i said the word for ear (orelhas) not sheep (Ovelhas) and everyone just laughed for a long time haha. So Christ had a bunch of ears that were not in Jerusalem. I think Kelleys friends question is a valid question. and i think we have all wondered at one point why do men have nipples? I would like to know the answer too so if the Elders know shoot that answer to me hahaha. Im not sure how much weight ive lost, but i weight less than 250 pounds now. Im pretty sure ive lost all my muscle. Updates about my knee, i got an MRI this week and i get the results back tomorrow so i might email you tomorrow with the pictures from the MRI to give to Bro Higgs to look at if he can. But life is good! The Church is Ture and the Book is Blue! Love you all and hope this week goes really well!

Elder Brady Simpson

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