Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey Family!

I miss you all, isn’t crazy that it’s already been a week since mother’s day? Time is going by fast, at least this last week did. I haven’t got the package yet, but I have faith that it will come one day. I got a card from grandma and Grandpa Grover, but I know I have another letter waiting for me at the mission office so it’s probably the one from Grandma Simpson! We do have subway here, but I don’t know if they accept subway cards ha-ha I sure hope so. It sounds like everyone at home is doing super well. This week for us was pretty good, we had another baptism! Of Flavia the mom of the kids we baptized last time. Also she threw us a party for my birthday with cake and other goodies, it was pretty cool! I made cookies and brownies this week too, they came out pretty good, its a lot different making them here than in the states ha-ha. So when I was cutting up the chocolate bars to make chocolate chips one of the other guys was like it’s a lot easier if you just crush the bars, and it reminded me of the time I made brownies at Sister Creers house and I volunteered to crush the Reese’s cups, and then she told me that there was no crushing in her kitchen, but that I had to carefully cut the Reese’s into 16 pieces. I responded to the other elder with the same thing, that there is no crushing in my kitchen. It was pretty funny to me, but not to him, because he didn’t get the joke... ha-ha Lets see what else, oh we also did service this week and help Flavia and her family move houses, it was pretty fun, my knee was dead after though. Lots of times it’s just like a steady throbbing pain, and lots of times my knee just feels exhausted. It gets pretty annoying. Oh and yesterday, we got to church and the bishop came up to me and was like Elder Simpson can you do me a favor, and I responded with sure. Then he told me I would be the first speaker. So I ended up speaking about prayer. I’m not sure if anyone listened to me though ha-ha. Our bishop here is super cool though. I have a funny story from this week for y’all. So we were at Flavias house, teaching here the baptism interview questions, and filling out the form, when her youngest kid Davi who is 2 walked in and gave the largest loudest fart I have ever heard from a baby ha-ha, and to make it all worse it wasn’t just a fart. But when he walked in the room he was standing behind me and everyone looked at me first like it was me that did it, but no, it was the baby. We all had a good laugh. I think that’s about all I have to say, I hope you guys have a superb week and good luck with everything. Hopefully the birthday package will come this week!

Love you guys,

Elder Brady Simpson

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