Friday, October 26, 2012


Hey Family! This is my last email from the CTM, its kinda crazy! Time has gone by super fast, and at the same time, it goes by slow. I’m really excited to get out of here, but at the same time I’m wondering if I’m ready. I did get to see Perry today; it was super great to see him! So this week has been pretty crazy. Monday we went proselyting just around the MTC, which is kinda hard since almost everyone has a book of Mormon already haha. But we gave out three books of Mormon. The first was to a guy working at a car repair shop; he actually called us over and asked us what we were doing. The second was to a random guy walking down the street, and the third was to a lady sitting out in front of a shop. I was pretty nervous to start talking to people because I didn't want to sound dumb, and I didn't know how they would react. My companion is a stud though and so it worked out well. Tuesday we sang in the choir at a little devotional we had, it was really cool, we sang Ye Elders of Israel one verse in Portuguese one verse in Spanish and one verse in English. Today, we went to the temple and got to do initiatory, it was really cool. They were all in Portuguese. Sorry to hear about Cams ankle that must suck. But he'll be fine for playoff so that’s good. Nathan doesn't hate football; he just has teenage girl hormones haha. Hopefully Dad will get better and nothing serious is wrong. I’ll keep him in my prayers though. It also sounds like Jessica is doing really well too. I’m sure she speaks Spanish better than I speak Portuguese. When she says she feels like she sounds like a five year old, it’s probably not that bad. I’m pretty sure we all speak Portuguese like three year olds or something. I miss all of you so much, I’m so grateful to have grown up in a family like we have. It was crazy to see how some of the people down here live. I also miss the all the food when the whole fam damily gets together.

Love y'all Lots,
Elder Brady Simpson

I leave next Tuesday so I think it’s the 30th. I hope I’ll be ready! I can hold a conversation well enough, but there is still a lot I don’t know. And Elder Taylor goes to Joao Pessoa also!
We fly and it will take like 3 or four hours on the flight, then depending on the area I think we take a bus.
So I heard about this crazy bug in my mission. It’s called a Poró, it looks like an ant with a scorpion tail, and instead of biting you, it pees everywhere it goes and its pee gives you second degree burns. Wild huh?
It’s like 37 degrees Celsius there right now which is really hot, the farther inland you go the hotter it will be, but if I’m by the beach it will be bearable because of the ocean breeze. So another cool thing that happened was on Sunday the president of the interlogos sao paulo mission spoke to us, and the missionary choir sang Joseph smiths first prayer in a bunch of different languages, everyone is in the choir bytheway, and they had us sing it twice because they said they could hear the angles of the Lord singing with us. It was so cool. The Missions presidents talk was also really good, I don’t remember what is was really about, but I took good notes sooo I’ll have to go back and read them.
Also I haven’t cut my hair since I’ve been here at the CTM so its super long now. But I’m getting it cut Friday. Tell everyone I love them and, Eu espero que vocês tenham uma boa Semana! (I hope you guys have a good week) Love you mom!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Ola Familia!
Esta semana foi bom! I am not out of deodorant yet, but it will be good to have more so i don't have to use the spray stuff they have here in Brazil! if you can send it with perry it will be way cheaper. If he comes next week i will still be here, but if its the week after i wont be. There are a couple other things i would like you to send if he has room too. Some spark if possible, and one of my MTC teachers was wondering if we could send a multi-colored mechanical pencil, i guess its like one of those pens that has lots of colors and you can choose which one you want. they don't make them here and she really wants one. someone in my district said they sell them at arts and craft stores of something. This week we had a power outage which was kind of crazy, we had class without lights for a couple hours, no big deal though because it was sunny! also we had a member of the area quorum of the seventy speak last night, it was really good! he talked in only Portuguese, and i was able to understand all of it! I was so happy! It was about faith, and real growth, real growth is if we have and increase in faith and conversion. I think his name was Elder Junot. Sawyers mission call is awesome! He´ll be great! Good to hear Nathan won his first game! Thats super exciting! Tell Cameron to stop sucking and fumbling in the end zone, haha just kidding, I'm glad they won. but really, who fumbles in the end zone? I hope this week isn't as stressful for ya! its crazy that Jessi is already in the MTC, do you know if she is there for 3 weeks or six weeks or what? She is a girl so of course it was gonna be a pain for her to pack haha. Diz todo famila que eu amo vocês! Tem um boa semana,
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson
Oh yeah i got sick this week too, it sucks! it makes it so hard to focus on stuff. I thought it was just a little cold, but i don't know. i haven't had like any energy since like Sunday, and I'm always tired. i think its just about gone though. Sunday i took a three and a half hour nap, and slept all night just fine. i got some medicine from the doctor here too and its helped a lot.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey Family!
My week has gone great! I got grandmas letter last week on like Wednesday. That's pretty cool about the IV thing, kinda strange that you cant practice on your own family if you ask me haha. tell Nathan and Tyler good job in their games! That's crazy that Perry got his Visa that fast! and yeah I'll still be here. i think that's my last week in the MTC. I have got to see Brian Chamberlain a lot, but he left yesterday for the field along with a lot of other really cool guys from North America. I miss football soooooo much, i wish they had one that we could play with here. I guess Ben was at the temple yesterday, and i didn't get to see him, because my district goes to the temple on Wednesdays which sucks. Not really anything exciting has happened here this week, just lots of study and lots of learning how to teach! I finished the book of Mormon again this week though! I challenge y'all to read it again! and tell Jessi that if she starts studying preach my gospel now before she leaves, it will be a great help when she gets to the MTC
Love you All,
Elder Brady Simpson


Como Vai Familia!
Im sorry about the cars not working! Im glad i dont have to worry about that for a while! The traffic here in Sao Paulo is insane. motocyles drive inbetween cars and its just crazy haha. Cameron would love it. We watched conference in english. it was amazing, i would definatly recommend watching it if you have time with school and work and everything. I bet Jessi is starting to freak about about the mish. It will be so fun for her though. The new mission age is pretty crazy news huh? i dont think i wouldve been ready to leave when i turned 18. Sounds like cameron is being a stud out there on the field. Good job buddy! I thought nathan didnt like harry potter? guess he does now haha. i leave the mtc in less than 3 weeks which is pretty crazy! it will be my last week when perry gets here, im glad i get to see him! i think my last day is halloween or the day before! Mostly this week has just been lots of studing o evangelho and a lingua portuguse. its fun now that we can actually make sense when we talk to people! Also if perry has room any candy would be cool and i would really like one of those rockstar lemonade things. im kinda starting to miss american food and drinks. and i definetly miss working out. i feel like im getting fat hah... Eu espero que vocês têm uma bom semana. Eu muito amo vocês.
Stay Classy,
Elder Simpson

P.S. Gabby and all my other friends want my mission address so they can send me letters. if you could give that to them on facebook that would be awesome. the actual mission adress not the mtc one, because by the time they get here i will be in João Pessoa. Also my other mtc teacher added me on facebook today haha. 

Also one of my new roommates is from Vitoria and he knows tyler powell! crazy huh! His name is Elder Kuster. I guess he knew tyler pretty well cuz he asked me about saywer and kade haha. it was all in portuguese too because the new roomies dont speak any english, thats good for us though so that we will learn faster. love you!


Hey yall!
Not really alot has happened this week. Just more studying and stuff like that! its cool that now elder taylor and i are able to teach and get our point across without having to take notes in portuguese with us. we can also understand most everything someone says, if they dont talk too fast haha. We went and got hamburgers with one of our teachers  Irmão Israel today. Its was so good haha. I wrote grandma and grandpa back today so they should get a letter in the next couple weeks. We had a family home evening thing this week with some of the really good friends in our district and our brazilian roommates that left yesterday. it was way cool. the three of them all spoke really good english too. its crazy how fast time is going down here. sometimes the days seem like they never end, but the weeks go by super fast. i miss you all and hope you all are doing well!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

Oh yeah, we got lost last week during p day while we were walking around and ended up way outside of the mtc boundry things.. it was soo cool, the people were sooo much nicer and fun to talk to!

P.P.S i think one of my instuctors Irma matos added me as a friend on facebook haha.. oh and tell everyone good job in there games and stuff!

PPPS. Im gonna want more deodorant for sure! They dont have stick deodorant down here, only spray on stuff. The chocolate down here is super good too haha. And yes i did find the mini eggs and gummy bears on like the first night and shared with my friends.. now i wish i still had them.. haha. Eu amo vocês!  


Hey Family!
Tell Cameron that, that is pretty awesome! Give Kelley an asprin and she should be okay haha.. We do get to go the temple every P day which is really nice! today while we were there the power went out halfway through our session, we sat in the darkness for like 15 or 20 minutes before they just had us leave. Last week on p day we went to a bbq place like tucanos, and we had chicken hearts. they were actually kinda good! I forgot to tell Mom Happy Birthday last week, so i will now. Happy Birthday Mom! My companion is awesome, we get along great! And yes we did get some new roommates last week. they are also brazilian, they arent as cool as the last ones though haha. This week weve learned alot about prayer and faith, and a lot of portuguese. we also had a devotional about agency last night that the MTC president gave. it was really good! I have a bunch of pictures from the MTC, but we cant send them from the computers here. i might have to take some and get them printed and send them home in a letter. I haven't seen Ben yet, but i really want to! It would be awesome if you guys could keep me updated on college football haha. Pretty much the only sport we play here is volleyball. I miss yall!
Tudo Bem,
Elder Simpson


Hey Family!
my week went well, we are getting better everyday at teaching in Portuguese so that's good, Portuguese is getting more difficult now though. my teachers are amazing. we have been told we have the best ones in the CTM so thats good. my knee only hurts when i run on it, and maybe when i have to climb the stairs haha.. we did not get to hear the CES broadcast, but im pobably gonna go listen to it one of these days! im glad to hear everyone is liking school okay. It gets pretty fun here somedays, my disctrict is great and we joke around alot. My brazilian roommates left yesterday for there missions, so that was sad. they are some really great people. Elder Hayden Wing also left yesterday, it was nice having a friend from home here at the same time. Usually the food here is some sort of meat with rice and beans and fruit and juice to drink. oh and bread, lots of bread. its alot of fun, but i miss football alot. tell nathan good job for me. and you guys of course! and  i miss music too haha. I dont remember bens email address, but my Pday is on wednesdays. it would be way cool to see him. The best part of my week was probably when we learnd head shoulders knees and toes in portuguese, or maybe the first vision. our teachers makes class super fun so thats good!
Eu amo vocês!
Elder Brady Simpson

With some companions at the Mission Ties office


Oi Mae!
Going through customs was great, they didnt check any of our bags haha. My campanion is Elder Spencer Taylor from southern cali, he played lacross at BYU and he is really cool! We have air conditioning in the classrooms, but in our quartos we just a fan and we have wooden screens that go over the window that let in air at night. We have two brazilian roommates that are awesome. they teach us portuguses. i got used to the time change like right away, but we are still always tired because we have long days. The food is good most the time, we have a try everything once or twice rule. The CTM is alot of fun, and i heard is way more laid back then the provo one. every morning we study by ourselves as a district, then in the afternoon and night we have a teacher. My favorite scripture is alma 26:12.. we went to the Sao Paulo temple today, its way pretty! everything here is alot cheaper too. Its crazy how much you can feel the spirit here. Even when someone is talking to you in a different language you can feel it. how can the gospel not be true. tell jessi i feel bad for her, but only a little bit knee was awful after i got off the plane, and it bugged me for a while, but its getting better. i miss you all! i hope everything is going well! Eu sei que Dues vive, e Jesus Cristo vive e  Filho amado de Deus. , eu sei que os familias pode ser eterno. The language pronunciation is weird here, Rs are like H, H is like Y when there is an L before it and D is like a G those are just a few of the weird things.
Com braso ( with a hug),
Elder Simpson

Elder Simpson and the group he was with when he arrived at the CTM in Sao Paulo