Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ola Família,
This week was pretty good, but it was pretty slow teaching wise. I went to physucal therapy everyday, so that took up alot of time and made it hard to go visit a lot of people. Physical therapy here is so much different than it is in the states. I did exercises once, and then it hurt a lot that day so they didn't have me do them anymore. Lets see what else happened this week... We got a call from President Hall one day, telling us he needed us to go to the hospital, because one of the missionaries was there. So we got there and it turns out one of the guys got hit by a bike, pretty hard. He went to cross the street and stepped back again because a car was coming and a bike hit him as he stepped back. He ended up breaking a bone under the eye, or part of the eye socket, so he is gonna need surgery this week. We also got super lucky this week and at church a family brought another family that seems super cool and interested and they have already visited the church 3 times, so I think that's where our focus will be for the next few weeks. It's always best to get references, because we can knock on doors and talk to a lot of people but 1 out of 100 will be baptized but with references it's almost everyone that gets baptized here and I'm sure the number is a lot higher in every mission. So Cam is gonna graduate huh? Congrats buddy! And about the Hymn books, no they don't have the American songs, the hymn book here is only like half the size because a lot of the songs don't translate, and a lot of the songs have different meanings in Portuguese. It sounds like school is going well for everyone and that everyone is doing all right. And no you didnt offer to buy me a yearbook when I was a senior. Its crazy that football is starting up again, I wanna play so bad, I miss it a ton. So the good news is that the package came, the bad news is that I will have to pay a tax on it, but luckily I have the money because of the dollars I traded in last week! Its good that the missionaries are cool, one thing I've noticed is that when the missionaries are bad or not cool with people it kills the area they are working in. Nobody wants to help, and a lot of the times the members are really closed with you. Then for the next people that come it sucks. That and the members are the key to missionary work. Alright well I think that's all I have for this week, I love you guys and hope everything goes smoothly for y'all this week.
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

PS. I have some cool flip flops too, and a sweet tan line. But its not as bad as everyone says mom. And they said don't be barefoot in open grass fields and dirt fields, because that's where all the nasty stuff is.



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