Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ola Família! 
This week has been better than the last week i would say. It work is still tuff though. The week went by fast, but the days were super long haha. First things first, im getting tan here which is nice, and yes mom i do use sunscreen... sometimes. This will surprise you, but ive actually found a fruit i like. Açai with banana is soo goood. I think we get a smoothie thing just about everyday. This week i finished Jesus the Christ, it was a super good book and i learned alot from it. Im also about halfway through The book of mormon again in both portuguese and english. The members here are great, the food that make us for lunch is great, usually rice and beans and salad with some sort of meat. And juice. I love juice! The Stake president here doesnt think i eat enough haha he always tells me i need to eat more, and Comer sem vergonha, which means to eat without shame. We got invited to go to a little Jantar (dinner) party with them and the bishop and some other members and he kept making me go back and get more food haha. The food was super good too. They had lasangua and strogonoff thingy with chicken and lime. 
         The work this week was hard, because everytime we would make an appointment with someone on the street, they would never be home at the time of the appointment. That makes it frustrating and hard to teach people. We had one investigator that went to church with us last week, and i think he is crazy. When we went back to teach him he had questions about the sacrament and why we dont use wine. He thinks we at least need to use grape juice to remind us of Jesus´s blood. Then when we taught him about baptism, he said he doest want to belong to a church because he likes to go to all of them. He said he wants to be free. It was really weird. I dont know if we are gonna go back, because of this, and because he like to talk and we are always there for 2 hours. We had zone conference this week and it was really cool to see the entire zone. President Hall Showed up at the end and it was cool to see him. He´s great. i Did get 3 letters too so that was cool. I think we get letters once a month at zone conference only.
      I have two friends in Santiago Chile right now, maybe saydie will go to the same mission as one of them! Crazy that Garrett and Mckenzie are engaged, i thought that would happen though haha. Hows camerons ankle? Thanks for the sports news mom i love hearing about it, thats great for SVU girls cross country! 
     So one thing i learned this week is from the example of Nefi, Its when they are coming back from jerusalem after getting ishmaels family, and his brothers tied him up and were discussing about killing him. When he prayed he didnt pray to have God miraculously break the cords that had him bound, but he prayed that God would give him the strength to break the bands. How many times in our lives do we pray for God to help us with something without us putting in any effort? i like to think that after nefi prayed he worked at breaking the cords until the broke. Thats something i learned and am trying to work on while im here!
Love  you all!
Elder Brady Simpson

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  1. Phew! So glad this email was full of hope and better times! The fruit juices there are AMAZING because everything is made with fresh fruits. Even the limeaid - hope he gets a chance to try that! Their food is really good too - not many weird things, just different ways of fixing. Acai is delicious. Hooray for Elder Simpson!!!!