Monday, November 5, 2012


Hey Family!
This week was pretty ruff. I feel retarded all the time, because i don't speak the language near as well as i thought. Its been hard. I've also been super lonely all the time. Its hard going from my district in the CTM to being with 3 other people that only really speak Portuguese  All the kids here speak so much better than i do. Its kinda depressing. I've been trying to lose myself in the work though. Its hard because i don't think i'm helping much at all. So yesterday we had church. It started at 4 and went to 7. Its so much different here. All the kids are crazy. if you thought the CTR 6 class you thought was hard, it would be like 10 times worse here. every meeting here is a lot more irreverent  We did have an investigator come though! Whats crazy here is there are animals every where. Dogs and cats just wander around. So do horses donkeys goats. We get lizards spiders, everything. Its pretty crazy. My area municipios is next to Santa Rita. The area is pretty big, so that means a lot of walking. Its hard on my body haha. My bed is awful too. So we had a ¨snake¨ which is a girl that likes the missionaries buy us ice cream the other day haha. Our schedule here is different. we wake up, have till 8 before study time. Study time goes till noon, then we have lunch at a members house, then rest time. so we don't really start working till about 2 o'clock. 
That was a sweet article about Cameron  I hope his ankle is alright! Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good though! Hows Dads Head? I haven't gotten any letters yet, i think we get them on Wednesday though. I Guess we only get them like once a month too, which kinda sucks. Jessi is gonna be a great missionary, she sounds a lot more prepared then i feel. i'm kinda a little jealous of her going to the south. I miss it over there. Mostly just the people actually. I haven't heard from like anyone in forever. Hopefully my Portuguese will get better soon. I love you all a ton! Tell Nate Happy Birthday for me! 
Com Amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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