Monday, November 5, 2012


Oi Mãe! 
Estou in minha area agora! Eu saí a CTM ontem! Hey mom i'm in my area in my mission now! Its pretty crazy! I feel like i dont know any portuguese anymore, which sucks. The area i'm at is an area called municipios its like 20 minutes maybe outside of João Pessoa. So far it seems like its a pretty poor area. Its way different here than it was in the CTM or at home. Hopefully i adjust soon. My companion is a native Brazilian  which is cool, but also makes it kinda hard. The Americans don't like to speak English much either though. There is one other companionship in the house we live in. there is only one closet for the four of us so we have to  live out of our suitcases. That's pretty much what i did at the CTM though. It was kinda tuff to leave my district from the CTM, we all pretty much became a family. President and Sister Hall are super nice and cool! They fed us all dinner last night, and it was so good. I'm excited to be out here serving the Lord, and hopefully i'm not to awful at it. I love you guys a bunch and hope you are all doing well and having a good week.

Com  abraço,
Elder Brady Simpson

One other Thing! Happy Halloween! it doesn't feel like Halloween to me because i am in paradise.. actually its kinda hot, but my area gets a breeze so that's nice. Por favor tell Cameron Happy Eighteenth Birthday For me. And eat lots of candy for me, because i don't have any haha. Love you!

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