Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hey Fam!
This week was pretty great! On p-day we played basketball and threw around a football with some members. Its nice that we have things we can do on p-day here! The bad news is that  I've had knee pain all week but I just try to ignore it because its not to terrible yet.  Then the next day we got money for our lunch appointment so we ended up buying stuff to make brownies and snickerdoodles and no bake cookies.  Everything turned out well except for the snickdoodles, funny story with those. I think our recipe is wrong because the batter? was not thick enough so we made it into a cake! It tasted just like snickerdoodles, but it was a cake! Pretty sweet right! We have been teaching a lot here in this area, and it has really paid off! We had another batismo this week on Saturday! I don't have a picture yet for you though sorry. So her name is Camillia and she is 23 and I showed up here and she was already in investigator, with her boyfriend thingy. They have a kid together that's one year old and crazy ha ha. So we were planning on helping them get married so they could be baptized, but then they separated and we didn't have to wait anymore and she really wanted to be baptized. So it was super cool. We are still trying to work with her boyfriend Daniel but he is really hard to find, and he is super mole (soft, lazy I think is the translation) But for the reunião batismo we had to be fast because stake conference was the same night. That's why I didn't get a picture because we were in a hurry, we don't even get to watch stake conference, except for the Sunday session. We also made brownies and cake for the batismo too. Everyone loved it! So yeah this week has been pretty great! Stake conference was good too! Presidente and Sister Hall spoke and they talked about how us as members need to help the new converts get adjusted to a new way of life in the church. We speak a different language and have a different vocab in the church and if people don't have help they will just go back to the way they were where everything is normal for them. Also some big news for y'all! The missão will split here in July, it will be mission João Pessoa and mission Natal. So Rio Grande Do Norte the northern state in the mish will be a mission and Paraíba will be a mission. It will be weird I think. Also missionaries are miracle workers, because my comp and I are wedding planners ha ha we are helping a couple in the ward that isn't married get married and then we can baptize the man. They been together for 10 years already and have three kids, one will turn 8 this month. Its pretty crazy ha ha. I never thought I would be helping with a wedding before the mish. That's pretty much all I've got to say this week. I'll try to write some letters soon. Ive been super slow with being transferred and all, and we have been working a bunch, but I'll try! Oh and I'll throw in some pictures for y'all. One is from a baptism in the ward. It was super cool and over the top. But we took picture with the dolls they had there ha ha.  Oh and a cake we got to eat last night at a fireside that the Moças did, Young women's. The cake was super tasty ha ha.
Love you all and congrats on the Job mom I'm super excited for you! 
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson


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