Friday, March 29, 2013



It sounds like you guys are doing super great! Glad to hear that finals are over mom! I'm sure you did great. Crazy about Cam starting his missionary papers! I'm glad to hear it! Tell him that he needs to read the Book  of Mormon. Really read it though, not just to say you read, but to learn and grow from it. It is an amazing book. In fact you should all read it. Reading that Book and praying about it is really the only way we can have a sure testimony that the church is true. Its the keystone of our religion for a reason. Sucks about the dentist for him though hahahaha. Harrison's mission will be great, I've been hearing that people are accepting the  gospel there like crazy. It hasn't been uncommon for one set of missionaries to baptize 100 people at the end of the week! Crazy huh! So this week we started working in the richer parts of our area, which is hard. The people there are a little bit more closed and not open to talking to people in the streets. It kinda sucked at some points, but at the same time it was cool. When I saw richer parts it still doesn't compare to the states though. Nobody here has a yard or anything. and everything is fenced off. So we have an investigator, the mom of our baptism last week that has been a pretty tough investigator. She was baptised in the Evangelical church and it was such a good experience for her that she doesn't think she needs to be baptized again. Also she is having a lot of problems, they are super poor. Like one room house status with 3 people living there. She just didn't understand the priesthood, and she is scared of being a member of another church I think because she had a bad experience in the other church. But we had a really good lesson with here on Saturday. At the end she started crying the spirit was so strong. I think she knows that our church is different, but she is just scared to change. That's a problem with a lot of people. But hopefully we will be able to help her more this week. It would really help her kids too if she was a member and they all went together. Glad to hear Ben got home safely! If you could send me Tyler and Sawyers email addresses that would be great! But other than that I think I'm doing pretty good! Eu amo vocês! I hope y'all have a good week!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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