Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hey Hey Hey!

Hows everyone doing? It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good, Jess sounds good in her emails too! I knew it was Dads birthday and then I remembered that I forgot to say something in my last email, so I guess I'll say happy birthday now. 46 years old. Closer to 50 than 40 now ha ha. I wish we would get fed steak like you guys feed the elders. usually we get some type of chicken with rice and beans, which I love, they way they make the rice and beans here is amazing. So we had a conference of two zones this week with president Hall and Sister Hall, it was super good and the spirit was super strong. Then the same day, Tuesday we showed up to a baptism of the ward, a boy from the family we are trying to get married. And they asked me to baptize him so I did! It was super cool. All his siblings were crying because they wanted to get baptized too ha ha. So the week started of really good, then it got kinda hard. No one wanted to talk to us in the street and we were just getting rejected left and right. And I wont lie that kinda sucks. One of our investigators a 12 year old kid that went to church last week even said he didn't want anything to do with us anymore. And that's kinda how the week went until Sunday. So we had marked a baptism of a 10 year old kid, and already done the paperwork and had permission and everything for the baptism that night. We went to look for the kid to bring him to church and his mom wanted to talk to us. She said she was thinking about the baptism and she thought he needed to wait some more time and get to know the church better. So I was thinking great our baptism is about to fall through. We managed to convince the mom to go to sacrament meeting though. And guess who gave a talk yesterday, this guy. The whole time preparing the talk and before I gave it I had been praying that the spirit would be there and that I would be able to help anyone with something. And my topic was preparation for baptism. I'm not gonna lie I was pretty nervous to give a talk. But after sacrament meeting we were talking to the mom and she said that the baptism was gonna happen tonight. She said she felt the spirit and that she felt like it was the right thing to do. That really boosted my testimony that God answers prayers, and that its the spirit that does the talking, not us, because my talk was not that good i don't think. So we were able to baptize Glaydson and to me it was a miracle! I was so happy. Also i finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese yesterday! That was a pretty big accomplishment for me too! Brenn's letter was freaking amazing! I miss that kid so much and I'm so happy for him that everything is well. Oh and mom I was thinking that maybe if it wasn't too late you could send some jellybeans, like the starburst ones or the nerds ones! I hope this week goes great for you all!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson
Ps. fotos from the baptisms will be sent. my face is awful in the one with glaydson.

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