Friday, March 15, 2013


Hey fam! 
Sounds like everything is going super well with y'all in the states! Sounds like Jess is doing super good too, except for the being sick part! I think getting sick here is a little bit worse though ha ha. The drug stores are kinda sketchy ha ha. It sounds like your new clinical thingy will be super good, working on the floor you will work on and all. It is  crazy that Ben gets home already! I would kill to have a blizzard down here ha ha it is always so hot, and once  you get hot it's hard to get cooled off again. I've got a couple cool/ weird stories from this for you all. So quarta-feira we were talking to some boyzinhos that live pretty close to the church that played basketball with us on p-day, and their family was there so we ended up talking to them all, but towards the end his sister that is 14 and was already baptised was talking to us with her friend. She was dressed in immodest clothing and has a bunch of earrings and piercing, needless to say she is inactive. And her friend started asking us about the church and gay people. Needless to say he is gay. I think he said he is 17. Elder Jensen was kind enough to answer all his questions haha. But during the middle of the conversation they lit up a homemade joint. haha pretty sketchy huh? But on Sunday the girl and her brother and her best friend, another girl that is baptized went to church! And another kid that lives there that was a reference from a deacon. It was cool to see them there! Also in another contact this week somebody lit up a homemade joint, but this time it was only tobacco. So the other story I have is from yesterday morning. We did splits to go look for people to bring them to church (the people that said they would go) and I went to a villa like a little apartment thingy built down the side of someones house. It's pretty much a side street with a bunch of tiny houses like one room. But this one is the most ghetto one I've ever been in. Seriously a ghetto. I don't even know how to describe it. I'm going to try and take a picture this week of it for you all. But so we went there and as we were walking down the street we saw the cops in the road and I was thinking oh crap it looks like its in front of the villa. It was. So we started talking to the owner real fast, one of the guys we were looking for, and he said he was a little busy. Come to find out that one of the guys that lives in one of the apartment thingies beat his wife then left saying he was going to buy a gun so he could kill her. Its almost impossible here for someone to own a gun legally. So really only the gangsters have them. So it was kinda a big deal. And the two guys I was looking for didn't go to church because they were busy haha. I think I would like some more spark, some lemon aid would be amazing. Like the country time stuff or something. also some more Tylenol stuff. an American soccer jersey haha. i don't know ill try and think of some stuff. This week was really good, I don't even remember the hardest part. I think it was just walking. one day I woke up and it hurt to walk. But só vai! Brazil is awesome, I love the people here. Sometimes it can get a little bit sketchy, but its legit! Oh and I'll try and write some letters this week and send some tang in them. They have about a million different flavors of tang here.
Hope you all have a good week! 
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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