Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Holy crap alot happened this week. i didn't even know about Bobbi, that's super sad and for sure i will keep them in my prayers. I'm glad Tyler and Nathan had a good time with grandma and grandpa, how is it that Ive never gotten stitches and everyone else has! I'm a little jealous haha. Mom CONGRATS on your test! I knew that you would pass! That's so cool! MY mom is a freaking nurse now haha.. what did you decide about taking more classes from BYUI. Sounds like the fourth there was a blast, here i bought some ice cream, oh and the day of we had a meeting and interviews with the new president. It was pretty cool, they seem like really good people. So this week was pretty full for us too down here, it went by pretty fast. Lets see so we played a little bit of soccer last Monday and i tweaked my back when i kicked the ball, and it hurt pretty bad, then when i woke up on Tuesday one of my hips was higher then the other and my right side was swollen, sweet huh. Well i went to the doctor, i hate doctors, they only have bad things to say, even when you are healthy.. but anyways they took an xray and said that my spine and hips are fine, just a problem with the muscles so nothing big, its just kinda sucks, they gave me a anti-inflamitory to take too and it was 50 reais for ten, really expensive. But I'm doing great and its getting better! It made it kinda hard to work for the first few days this week, but yesterday we had a baptism! His name is Felipe and he is ten, we are working with his family and they are super soft investigators, so we baptized Felipe and i hope he will be able to help us help the family understand and become better investigators. yesterday after the baptism i was kinda worried that he wasn't prepared and that maybe it wasn't the right thing to baptize just yet, but i said a prayer and today I'm feeling a lot better about it! After the baptism his mom said it was a super beautiful thing and that she like it and felt good, so i hope that the spirit was talking to her.
So Tyler has a cell phone now or is it a hell phone(question mark)! that's crazy, i don't even have a cell phone, lucky me. Sounds like Kelley is pretty busy right now! And cams is crazy, 4 sticks of dynamite. I'M kinda jealous that you guys got to see everyone! I think that's about it this week, oh a funny story, we were walking in the street this week and a few drunks guys talked to us like 5 or 6 at the same time, i just like to let them talk because they say crazy things and funny stuff too, but we walked down one street and two girls were sitting in front of their house playing guitar and a little ways after we passed down they street one of them yelled OH what a cute boy, but i don't think she was talking about me, because my side was still swollen i i looked super funny hahaha. I love you all and hope you all have a good week!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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