Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey Family!
Hows everyone doing? I did get the graduatioin announcements, they were super cool! Everyone loved Cams hair in the pic haha. So cool that Kelley is having all these missionary moments. This week was pretty good for us, nothing really crazy happened, just the normal. We walked a lot, talked to some people, walked some more, then it started to rain, so we worked in the rain. Yeah thats about it. I got kinda sick, but im already getting a lot better, so thatsBBq here, its super different from back home, but delicious. Its al ot of fun here, we all just goof around with each other, lots of times i feel like I'm at home. Hey isn't it Tylers Birthday today?! Happy Birthday Tyler! I hope the cake is good, if i was you i would get an ice cream cake! haha. I was super sad to hear about Bobbi! thats awful send Bob and Phylis my love. Sounds like work is going good, if it seems like its still school that should be a sign that you were taught well right? and know what you are doing! Lucky cam, how many people can say they shot a cop in the face, and didn't get in trouble or go to jail haha. Everyone here is joking about his mission, saying that he will live in the jungle and that there will be a lot of monkeys and the transfers will be in little sketchy planes and stuff, its super funny. itl'l be fun for him. I think thats about it for today! I love you guys!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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