Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey Família,
This week was pretty good! We have been teaching this family of 4 and we marked the oldest son to be baptized yesterday, but everyone in the family was feeling sick. So they didnt go to church and the boy didnt get baptized, but i think he will next week. This family has been kinda hard to teach, sometimes it seems like they arent interested, and other days it seems like they are. We have to do the wedding of the parents though so that could take a while, also they dont know how to read or write so that makes it hard too. Sometimes its hard having pacience. My comp is pretty cool, some of the things he does gets on my nerves haha but that happens with all companions. It sounds like the trek for kelley and tyler was super different from when we went. Lets see, we had some super cool parties in the ward this week. São João is a holiday here that all they do is set off fireworks, have big fires, and eat lots of different foods made from corn. Weird huh? It was pretty cool though. They had a stake party and there was a trampoline. So we played a little bit on that haha, i did a couple backflips for everyone and suprised everyone. Then we started playing crack the egg with some of the primary kids and a sister from another ward showed up and got mad at us. she said that there could only be 3 people on the tramp and only up to 250 pounds. So pretty much only me. Super lame. What else, we played soccer a couple times this week with the boys from the wards, and some investigators. It was fun. Then yesterday we got invited to watch the final soccer game of the confederation cup with brasil and spain playing. Brasil won, and there was food and it was alot of fun. Thats crazy that cam has already gone through the temple! And good luck on your test this week mom, youll do great! I never studied for as much time as you have been and i always managed to pass the tests, so im sure youll do great! I hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Brady Simpson

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