Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey Family!
Hows everyone doing?! Im doing really well! The training is going well, my companion is just like any other missionary already. That helps alot. He is pretty cool, hes olny 18 though and its the first time he has left home, but he isnt that bad. I havent got my new debit card yet, but maybe it is already here at the mission office. I think i just wouldnt take as much clohing with me as i have. I have alot of normal clothes and its not like we use them that much haha. I have alot of shoes too. The shoes i have are great. I still have the first pair and i only stopped using them because they got wet in the rain. They are still nice though. So they would for sure work for cameron. Itll for sure come up fast. Its good that he is working alot. And that was pretty funny story with kelley! I got a laugh out of it. Sounds like you are a pro at work already Mom! After raising six crazy kids how hard could being a nurse be? I glad that the Celebration for Bobbi went well. It sounds like it was a good visit for all you guys. So i have a few things from this week to share with you guys. So last monday we had a BBQ atthe bishops house. Thats always fun! Then we all played card games and just hung out. Lets see yesterday we taught a 12 year old girl that doesnt live in our area but goes to our ward. So i had already taught her once with elder wilkins and we left a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet about the restoration with her. Then yesterday when we taught her we taught the restoration, and she remembered everything, she had even started reading the Book of Mormon. And she wants to be baptized, so we will see what happens there, we get to teach her again on saturday. We did a family night with another family we are working with last night too. The parents arent members, but their two daughters are. It was super cool, my comp planned it all and gave a super cool lesson about families, and almost all of them cried, but not me, because i dont cry. Then we got to eat dinner! This family is super cool and i enjoy helping them. What else, we played soccer again, it had been a while. I was goalie this time. And lets just say i suprised myself and didnt play too bad haha. I try and take some pictures of us playing this week. Oh and i have a funny story myself for you guys this week. So we did splits this week with the other elders we live with and one of them is elder wilkins cousin, elder wilkins. So we were working in a poorer part of my area and we bought this ice cream thing they have here that is amazing and cheap and we were just standing on the corner eating them when a bunch of boys came up to us and started talking to us because we are american. So we should be able to teach a few of these guys this week, if we can find them again haha. Its crazy what just eating ice cream can do to help you find new people to teach. So i ahve some pictures for yall this time too. A baptism. This time our bishop took us to a place above the beach. And me drinking coconut water! Oh and a family night we did where i made cookies. Well i think thats all i got for you guys this week. Love you!
Elder Brady Simpson

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