Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ola Família! 
Well I'm still alive! We didn't have P day on Monday because we had transfers this week. every six weeks p day is on Wednesday  So this week was super long because we didn't have p day. we have P day again this coming Monday the 17th.  This week was ruff for us number wise, we didn't find hardly anyone new to teach, and no one was at church with us. Lets see, we had a great lesson with Jacletson last week, and yesterday we watched a movie about Joseph Smith with him. I felt the spirit super strong and I hope he did too because I know it was there, he hasn't been baptized yet because he doesn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith yet. We think he will be baptized soon though. I got a haircut this week too and that was pretty crazy. I asked the guy for a 2 on the sides like normal, and scissors on the top, and everything was normal until he started to use the scissors haha they were just a normal pair of scissors and he just started cutting chunks of hair off. in the end though it turned out good and looks normal, was kinda crazy during it though. I also gave my first blessing in Portuguese  all of the sudden my comp asked me for a blessing one day. That was super cool, I had no idea what I was going to say and thoughts in Portuguese just came into my head, I don't remember what I said now, but it was super cool. Crazy that Christmas is in two weeks ne? I hope the package you sent will get here before Christmas  we have a big conference thing for Christmas next week and we will get packages and letters there, or if it doesn't come we have a zone conference the first Wednesday of January and I'get it there I hope. We are allowed to skype and I'm only 4 hours ahead of you and one ahead of Jessi, because my mission doesn't have daylight savings time like the rest of Brazil  Me and my companion get along great, which is good, because we will be together for another transfer. The only change in our house is that the other American is leaving and we will have a new Brazilian. I'll be the only american. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with the language, the only things i don't understand is slang and sometimes jokes haha. Another cool thing that happened this week is that we learned how to make coxinhas they are a type of snack thingy here and they are delicious. Congrats to everyone with sports and stuff, it sounds like everyone is doing great. I miss sports so much, I wanna work out and play sports so bad. I've gotten so weak here haha. Oh and good luck with finals mom! Love you all and hope you all have an amazing week! Mom could you pretty please email me so pictures from my life before the mish, and a family picture, I can print them out here. Everyone wants to see picture of me before the mish, and picture of my family! Thank you so much, love you! 

Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

So ive got a story for you and the boys, but I  don't know if its something to tell to mom haha. On Sunday after our lunch appointment we were doing street contacts before church and a man on a bike stopped us. He then proceeded to ask us what we were doing there and if we knew who he was. We told him we are missionaries and that we didn,t know him. He then said he was the most dangerous gangster in the world and then told us to give him two reais, which is the same as one dollar. The whole time he was talking to my companion and avoiding me haha if he talked to me he called me german, he told us we have to have money becuase we are dressed nice and have all our teeth, well he actually told me I only have almost all my teeth, I'm not which one I'm missing but apparently I only have almost all my teeth haha. So we wouldn't give him money, then he told my comp to give him his tie and that if he didn't they were gonna have to fight. My comp didn't and told him he wouldn't fight becuase they have nothing against each other. Then we said we had to go to church and he asked us if we would help him rob a cellphone from a guy sitting close by. We said no, and the guy told us if he had a gun with him he would rob a guy in a car. The guy was honestly like a third my size too. So a guy tried to rob us without a knife or a gun or anything, and he didnt get anything from us. Hope yall enjoy this story, and I love ya! if you think mom won't freak out you can share it with her too. Oh and how is wrestling going for cam? mom says a little but not much
Elder Brady Simpson

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