Monday, December 3, 2012


Ola Familia! 
Como vocês estão? 
Esta semana foi bom, mas foi muito difícil. Nos falamos com muitas pessoas mas quase nunca encontrar eles em casa. Temos um pesquisador que está progredindo! O nome dele é Jacletson. Ele tem 18 anos e ele é muito legal, ele já visitou igreja duas vezes!
    Este email eu recebe de você me fez muito feliz e triste. Muito bom Cameron! Eu tenho saudade por wrestling, mas hoje nos jogamos futebol! Foi muito legal!

This week went by so fast! i cant believe its already December  I miss wrestling so much, I cant believe its already been 2 years since I haven't done it. Congrats to Cameron  he´s finally a champion like me haha.. but i won twice... I'm so grateful for the gospel and the blessings and knowledge it brings to our lives! I was super sad to hear about sister Gubler! I haven't been able to watch the Christmas devotional but maybe i will be able to. hmm what did i learn this week... so much i cant remember anything specific. This week was busy and hard.
We had a meeting with president Hall this week as a Zone, it was about how we are doing in the mish and what we need to improve on. We also practiced telling an investigator that we cant teach them anymore because they are not improving. Its sad when you have to do that. 
My companion and I are having a hard time meeting the goals for the mish in our area, we are in a pretty hard area, and my companion told me it looks like its starting to get a little better. We don't know what we need to do better or differently though. We walk soooooo much and we should be teaching, not walking the whole day. We did teach Jacletson the plan of salvation this week and he seemed to like it, and he was at church again. I think he is supposed to get baptized this week! He's really accepting of the gospel! One thing I think is super funny is that lots of people ask us if im american and when i say i am they want to talk to us, but if i say im brazilian they dont want to talk to me haha. Saturday was a pretty relaxed day, we had lunch at the bispos house and on the way back to our house my comp almost fell like three times so we ended up staying in the house for a while till he felt better. Then that night a member of the other elders ward made us Chinese food, and for desert was a fried banana in a skillet, covered with cheese condensed milk and cinnamon and guess what I ate it and like it haha. Also we had fruit salad after that with condensed mil,. and it was good too. I will send some pictures as soon as I take some, I haven't really taken any. Also can you look through my facebook and send me some fotos, because everyone asks to see fotos of my family and life before the mish and i don't have any. Thanks so much mom! Love you all and Hope y'all have a good week!

Elder Brady Simpson
PS. Mom could you also email me some easy recipes and the recipe for cookies? i want to make cookies so bad, and eat them too hahahaha love you!

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