Friday, December 21, 2012


Hey Family!

I'm glad to hear that you are all going great! It sounds like everyone is killing it at sports! I wish I was playing sports still, it so hard to not play them, or have any time to work out too. I have like no muscle now. Sad huh? but this week we will get to play volleyball and maybe football! Not a lot happened this week, no cool stories really, we just walked our butts off all week trying to find people to teach. We talked to so many people this week. I guess the craziest thing is that now I'm the only American in my house. Its pretty cool! Sometimes its hard though because I don't speak fluent Portuguese yet. I think the hardest part of the week was just trying to find people to talk to, it was sooo hot here and nobody wanted to hear what we had to say, but it seemed like as soon as we wanted to give up, I would always say a prayer and the next person we talked to would be interested. Lots of times people lie about where they lived though too and that is hard. One cool thing that happened though was that at church yesterday it was the primary sacrament thingy and I understood what all the kids said because we speak the same Portuguese  it was really funny and cool to hear the primary songs in Portuguese  It was all accapela to because no one knows how to play the piano and the piano here is awful. It so weird that I don't know how to play it too. I took some pictures this week so I'll send those to you too. I don't think i can use google plus, only skype. and whatever time is best for y'all is good for me. If I call you at four o'clock here it will be noon there yeah? Is that good for you guys? or earlier if you want. Thank you so much for the cookie recipe, hopefully I'll be able to find everything here to make them. I love you guys!
Com amor, 
Eld3er Brady Simpson
The three is silent, I didn't feel like backspacing a bunch to fix it
There is a picture of me in paradise, one of a sketchy street we  walk down and one of a type of snack here I learned to make call coxinhas they are super good. And if I look fat, its because my shirt is like a tent, a homeless person could live in

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