Monday, December 24, 2012


Opa! Família!

This week was super fast, it was almost like we had 2 p days. we had p day last Monday  then last Thursday we had a Christmas conference with 2 other zones and President and Sister Hall. It was super good, we learned about the gathering of Israel and how it is happening right now, and with the change in missionary age it is becoming more and more important to prepare the way for the second coming, we know it is getting closer by the change in the age. Crazy huh? I got a package from you last Thursday mom! it was great! I forgot how much i loved peanut butter snickers and pop tarts haha. Thank you so much mom! It was just what i needed. I also got a package from the Graffs, it had some treats and 4 cds of Christmas music and 3 cds of talks from general authorities  It still outdoes feel a lot like Christmas here because it is super hot. super super hot, but at least we have a breeze! 
Wanna hear something crazy? Last week we met a guy on Thursday and he invited us to teach him in his house, and so when we went there Saturday to teach no one answered, and a man in a car drove by and told us he died.. We back to check again this week just to make sure it wasn't a lie, and a neighbor told us the same thing. She said his lungs stopped working and he died, but two days earlier he was perfectly fine. Crazy stuff. Also i think one of our new investigators is a drug dealer, no biggie  He always has shirts like Cameron's drug dealer shirt, but his are a little more legit, they have a shine to them, and are kinda fancy haha, also he always has a big wad of money in his pocket, like a big wad. And he looks sketchy but i'm not supposed to judge haha. We met him, because he stopped and asked us if we believed the world was going to end on December 21st, we said no and then he told us it was supposed to end at 10 o'clock that night. Sadly nothing happened. Also, have you ever had to take a shower out of a bucket of water, with a cup to pour the water on you? We have to do this at least once a week because our house runs out of water. That and i haven't had a warm shower in the morning in months, always cold showers haha. 
Congrats to Cam on winning again, how much does that little fart weigh? There is no way he is 182. And good job Kelley too and scoring 17 points! Its pretty crazy that everyone is getting married. I'm not gonna have any friends left when i get back from the mish ha. I'm super excited to call home tomorrow and noon your time is perfect! Skype should work! But if you want you can pick up a calling card. i have faith we wont need it though. Also some cool news we got a church yesterday is that an apostle is coming to the stake where i'm at in January, that should be super cool. I love you all, and Merry Christmas Eve? Or Feliz Natal! 
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson!

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