Monday, December 3, 2012


Ola Familia 
This week went by so fast! Its crazy that Tyler has been out for almost a year now! Sometimes it feels like I'll never make it to the year mark, but sometimes it goes by so fast. All the older elders say that the first transfer is the worst of them all. and it goes by super slow.  Cameron finally cut his mullet? Dang that's super sad! Did y'all at least take a picture? Thanksgiving and black Friday were pretty relaxed here we worked, i had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, it was super good bytheway, because usually i just make roman noodles. Black Friday was just like any other normal day, because its not a feriado here.(holiday) So about my week. We gave three blessings this week. i always do the anointing. its super weird to do it in Portuguese  My comp usually has to help me with it haha. Yesterday we had two new investigators at church and church was reverent for the first time since I've been here. Pai Celestial for sure answers prayers, because i had been praying for that all week. The two guys said they liked it after church. they weren't used to how calm and quiet it was though because usually the churches here have someone yelling and they all say hallelujah and stuff like that. It was good to finally have investigators again. i did use the moleskin for my blister for a while, but now its pretty much fine. our apartment here is pretty sketchy haha but its fine. we live with 2 other elders, one that's american he is from Hermiston Oregon and a Brasilian. The showers are just like Brett said, with the toilet right there. My companion is great. It was a super good week.
i hope you guys have a good week this week i love yall

Elder Brady Simpson

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