Monday, January 7, 2013


Ola Familia!
This week was super hard. Our area seemed like a ghost town after new years. Thats because new years here is insane, they party all the 31st then all night then all the next day. I think its a bigger deal for them then it is for us in the USA. Its their summer break too so maybe thats why. Happy Birthday to Kelley! Im Glad new years was good for you all, i just went to bed and slept. Lame huh? but we had to work the next day. It sounds like everyone is doing good, and cameron is still scared of needles huh? Sounds like nothings changed too much. We got rain down here for like the first time on the 3rd it rained hard, it had been a hard day of walking and not finding anyone, and we were standing under a ledge of a building and i started thinking that maybe its a test to see how bad we really wanna find someone to teach, so we went out in the rain to the other side of street was a man standing under a legde and we talked to him and he told us we could go to his house another day and teach him and his family. The rain turned into a blessing! I got the family picture you sent in a package, but did you send another? I havent tried my card again, we dont have a bank here so we only go to the bank every two weeks when our cards from the church have money. Fast sunday yesterday was pretty good, its always funny when the primary kids get up and bear there testimonies. Usually here they just say that they know Jesus lives and that this is his church. Super simple, but super powerful. How great is that knowlegde that we have, that Jesus lives and that this is his church on the earth! An a scripture that i really like is 2 nephi 1:15, i love the picture it brings of getting a hug from Jesus, and that he is always there for us! I can try and look for a jumprope down here, a street vendor porbably has one, they sell everyone down here at a street vendor haha. Love you guys! And i hope you all have a good week!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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