Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ola Família!
This week went by pretty fast! Not really a lot happened, we just worked a ton. My new companion is great, he finishes his mission in 3 weeks, but he is still working hard, so that's good. I think we will be able to help a lot of people before he leaves. Lets see, last week we found a crab in our house.. and it wasn't a little crab, it was a big ´ol crab. I killed it with a sling shot after we threw it into the street and it ran into the neighbors house. They thought we threw it over the wall to their house, but nope. We didn't. It sounds like everyone at home is doing great! Congrats on Taz man being called the deacons quorum pres. And to Cams for finally pinning a guy. It took him long enough haha. So really not a lot happened. Mom do you think you could add the people from Brazil that have added me as friends on facebook?  I was able to use my card at the grocery store haha. Oh and bytheway the grocery store here is so different from the store in the US. Oh and Nathan you can buy me a car too! Something our Bispo (Bishop) said yesterday  in a talk was really interesting. He said why do we think that the Lord will answer our prayers right away? Lazurus who was a really close friend of Jesus waited 6 days, he even died. 2 days of being sick, and 4 days of being dead before Christ got there. and the scriptures say that Jesus wept for his friend. I thought it was pretty interesting, and a really good example for us in our lives. That's about all I've got to say! Hope this is a good week and everything goes well for you all! Love you guys!

Elder Brady Simpson!

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