Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ola Família!
Lets see, we had transfers today, and I stayed in my area! I got a new companion though! His name is Elder Borges, it his last transfer before he goes home. And he is a native Brazilian. It should be good! This transfer is only 4 weeks which will be weird! Nothing really crazy happened, but  I have a few good stories to tell. We went to a members house to talk to him and his family, it's a guy of 18 years, his family likes to drink, a lot, and his grandma came out and asked us if she could tell us the story of her life. Of course we said yes. It was awful haha. She was so drunk. It turned into her talking pretty much to only me for an hour. She ended up saying weird things, like that she knows me and we are super good friends and when her grandson asked her where she knew me from she said the end of the world. Super drunk. I also received another persons life story in hand gestures, because she can't speak and only uses hand motions. Cool huh? It seems like as a missionary, everyone wants to tell you about their lives. Then on Monday we had a mission wide conference. That means the whole mission was there! Elder Craig C. Christensen from the Presidency of the Seventy was there and he spoke to us! He spoke  about our calling as a missionary and stuff like that! It was sooo good! One of the things he said that was really good is that we need to learn how the Spirit speaks to us. What the spirit is saying to us when its with us and we feel it, and what it is saying when we don't feel it and its not with us. He said that when we are first starting to learn we are like children and only receive yes and no answers. Like is the Book of Mormon true? Yes or No. But then he told us that one of the apostles said that now in life they receive paragraphs and pages from the spirit! Crazy huh! The spirit was so strong! It was cool too, because I got to see all my friends from the MTC there too! That's pretty much all that's happened lately! Its good to hear that Cam, Kelley and Nathan are doing super good in sports! I wish we would get some of the cold from there down here! Its been super hot! I'd love to get emails from Joey and Bryce! Its crazy about everyones mission calls too! It seems like everyone is leaving on a mish. Can you send me Brennens address? I dont have it. And the Coach referenced was for sure coach D. I hope you all have a good week and I love you all!

Elder Brady Simpson!

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