Friday, January 4, 2013


Ola Família! 
Christmas already feels like it was soooo long ago. It was great talking to you all! This week was super long for me, but some cool things happened too. Lets see.. when we were doing street contacts on Friday  we talked to a guy that was sitting in front of his house, and when i introduced myself he said that i had already taught him and his family in João Pessoa a while back. I was never in João Pessoa a while back haha, but hopefully I'll be able to teach him again! Oh I've taken a shower out of a bucket for over a week straight now! It kinda sucks haha. And Friday night we lost power for a couple hours which means it was almost impossible to sleep because the fans wouldn't work. I went on splits with one of the other elders we live with this week too. Elder Dantes. It was super cool and relaxed. Its always good to see how other people do the work. He is much more relaxed than my companion, my companion is always almost running when he walks and it gets annoying, because I like to walk slow haha. Um also we had a church activity Saturday  with dinner! Free food is the best! We ended up helping make the food a little bit during the day, i ended up cutting potatoes for and hour and a half. Fun ne? 100 people showed up for the activity so that was good, but our investigator was traveling this week so he wasn't there. Then in church the next day there was only 32 people. Don't know what happened there haha. Saturday my knee hurt the worst it has since football i think, it felt like every step there was something around my knee getting tighter and tighter. And to make it all worse I got sick Sunday morning, I think it was something with the food Saturday night, because I wasn't the only one that got sick. I'm better now so don't worry! Glad to hear Cam and Kelley are doing good in sports! Tell them not to get too cocky! And its pretty crazy that Sawyer is already leaving for the mish, time is going by super fast! Tell Brandon and Jade Congrats for me! I'm pretty sure by the time I get back all my friends will already be married haha, but seriously. I tried to get money off my card again today at the bank, but it didn't work. We haven't ever gone inside, but the first part of the bank has atm thingys and we always use those, maybe I'll have to try going inside. I think I'll try and use my card at the store today to see if it will work there. Oh and i got the Card from grandma Simpson at the beginning of November I think! I don't think I really need anything, I think I want a jump rope, and if y'all could email a video of cam wrestling and those fotos of the fam that would be cool! I think that's about all I've got to say this week, I'll send a couple fotos with this email too! One is with a giant beer can blow up thing that was in the Street haha and the others are some brothers that are the only youth in our ward that are our age! They fed us dinner on Christmas  Love you guys! Hope you all have a good week!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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