Monday, January 14, 2013


Whattup Fam!

This week went by super fast, but not a lot happened.  I went on splits this week with on of our Zone Leaders, Elder Orr. He is from Salt Lake City, and he played football at Utah State a year before the mish. He was super cool and it was way fun. We got to talk a little in English, but its funny because its English with Portuguese mixed in. Sometimes the words in Portuguese will come to mind before the words in English ha ha. I always like going on splits to see how other people do the work, and not just my comp. It was cool to goof around and still get work done. Lets see, not much else happened. We have a big open field in front of our house where everyone puts there trash, and someone from another street lit it on fire. It sucks when this happens, because the wind always blows the smoke down our street and mainly right to our house. So all of our stuff smelled like garbage smoke. It's awful. Enough people on our street called the fire department though so it got put out before it got super bad. I think the only other cool thing that happened was that we had a guy on the street tell us we missed an appointment with him like a month ago, I think we probably couldn't find his house, but we went there on Saturday and started teaching his wife and him but his wife cant speak and only uses gestures. She understands Portuguese and can read so we will be able to teach them just fine. We have an appointment with them later this week. It sounds like everyone is doing good in sports. Cams is killin it in wrestling and Nathan and Kelley are doing good in Basketball. Does Taz have anything going on right now? Crazy that Jackson is already engaged!! Transfers are next week, this is the last week of the transfer. Crazy that I've already been gone for 5 months. I found a scripture this week for dad ha ha Proverbs 20:29 i think he will like it. Oh and I was wondering if you guys could send me a Seattle sounders soccer jersey. I gotta represent a USA team and not only Brazilian teams. I love y'all and hope this week is great!

Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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