Friday, April 5, 2013


Hey Fam!
I'm doing super good! This week was transfers again! I got a new comp again. His name is Elder Wilkins another American ha ha, I was sad to see Elder Jensen go, he was great but Elder Wilkins will be cool too! That's crazy about Cam and the mission papers, his call should come soon! It sounds like everyone is doing super good at home! So not a lot happened this last week with me. Elder Jensen got sick like all week so the first part we didn't really work much. IT was a lot of down time. That's super annoying because we have nothing to do in our house. We did have a dinner appointment with the family of the kid we baptized on Friday and its tradition here that the Friday before Easter everyone eats fish. Not meat. I don't like fish ha ha. The work has kind of gotten hard too. We want to help so many people, but its hard when they don't want to help themselves. Lots of times the poor people use the excuse of being poor to not doing something and it super annoying. I did get the letter from Kelley, but not the package yet. That's really all I have this week. It was kinda funny this week that for holidays everyone just goes out drinking here. So it was like lets celebrate the Resurrection and Christ's death by getting super drunk. Needless to say we saw a lot of drunk people. The letters are getting to me just fine, but we only get mail like once a month which kind of sucks! But i Love you all and hope y'all have a good week!
Ate mais,
Elder Brady Simpson

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