Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hey Fam!
Cams call is already coming?! That's insane! I waited a month or more to get mine. I actually got mine a year ago this week! Crazy huh? Did you all watch conference? It was pretty amazing huh? Conference here starts at one in the after noon, then the afternoon session starts at 5. We got to watch it in English too so that was nice. It so much better when you get to here the different ways that the apostles talk. We got to watch with president and sister hall too. One thing I noticed is that almost everyone talked about the importance of the family. This is one thing that I see every day down here in Brazil. Most families here are not really families or people don't really have a family. I'm so grateful for my amazing family and the things you all taught me. I'm grateful for the opportunity i have to help other people have amazing families too. I saw the trailer for the movie you all went to in a members house and it looks super good! Funny that dad fell asleep ha ha? How's everyone been doing lately? The towel I have is great! it dries super fast which is nice. The only thing that sucks is when I wash it and then take a shower forgetting that it is in the wash. Then I don't have a towel to use ha ha ha. My companion is pretty cool, he is from Sacramento California. I thought about some things I would like you to send me, and I came up with Those rubber CTR rings, to give to the kids we baptize, some livestrong bands, cuz everyone wants mine ha ha deodorant too ha ha. Toothpaste, the good American kind because here it sucks and is expensive, peanut butter and oreos ha ha  I got letters from cam and Kelley this week so it looks like I'll need to write y'all some letters. Also we have a super cool new family we are teaching now. They are super receptive and like the doctrine. They went to a session of general conference too. The only problem is that we will have to get them married first. Oh and we have a wedding on the 20th of this month so it looks like I've got some wedding planning to do ha ha. I hope y'all have a good week, I love you all.
I think Cams will go somewhere legit, it would be cool if he came down here to Brazil, so that's my first guess. Second I think like Samoa or Hawaii or somewhere like that. Where ever he goes its where the Lord needs him, and there will be a specific reason for him to be there and people that are waiting for him to help them. And things to learn there. 
Elder Brady Simpson

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