Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey Hey Hey! 
How´s it going Família? This past week was bonzinho! We started it off great with a birthday party of a investigator Izabela on Monday. It was really cool, we heard some sweet music from Brazil and the cake was super good! It was a good end to a good p day. So then Tuesday we started off the day with a visit to the doctor. His office is like right on the beach so it was way cool ha ha. We walked there and it was only like 25 minutes of solid walking but it was good. At the doctors they took x-rays and said that the x-rays looked fine. It was honestly the most ghetto looking -xray machine I've seen in my entire life. They want me to go get an MRI this week though so I need to schedule and appointment for that. Luckily my area is in the city so everything is relatively close. Oh and when we came back we walked down the road of the beach and took some pictures. 'Ill try and send them to you. I was wearing normal clothes because its kinda hard to do a knee exam in church clothes. Needless to say I got sunburned. I didn't even realize I would because I'm so used to the heat and the sun in my church clothes. I had just bought some new flip flops the day before and I already have them tan lined into my feet. sweet huh? The next day elder Wilkins got sick, I think part of it was because he got super sunburned. He had a pretty bad fever and stuff. And now lets skip to Saturday! The day of the wedding. So the wedding was planed for 9am and we got there at 8:30 and nobody was there. UHHH so we waited and waited and finally people started showing up. Mormon standard time I guess. So then the wedding started at like 10 or 10:30. After the wedding we had the baptism of the groom Ricardo. It was super cool. Hopefully he will go to church so that in a year on their wedding anniversary they can get sealed as a family in the temple. So the morning went well. So like I said earlier we have been teaching Izabela she is 14 and we are teaching the rest of her family too. But she loved church the last times she has been and the other youth here really like her so she went to an activity that was in the afternoon and after it we got to baptize her too. It was a super good day! That's really all that has happened here this last week. I don't really know what more to tell you about my knee. It hurts when I wake up in the morning, so I think that's the arthritis, and it hurts when we are walking and when I stop for a while it will start to hurt. Its kinda stupid. I'm pretty sure whatever time is good for y'all is good for me to call on mothers day. I have church in the morning here so its before you all wake up I think haha, but if I get transferred in may it might change. Do you think you could ask Brother Higgs about the lubricating shot he put in my knee and then tell me what is was? Oh and one more thing. If it's possible could you look and the Nike website and find a cheap soccer ball and maybe a few shirts that are cheap for some of the Brazilian guys here? Anything that is Nike here is super expensive. Like 250 reals for a normal pair of shoes and stuff ridiculous like that. and I think the website has soccer balls for like 10 bucks or something. If you could that would be awesome. Other than that I'm doing super good down here!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

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