Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ola Família
This week was pretty good! We have a family that we are starting to teach, but they live in a different area so its kinda hard. They visit our ward though, because the dads girlfriend lives in our ward and they are planning on getting married sometime soon. So we went all week with out seeing them, and on Sunday one of the girls showed up at church and asked if we could teach her yesterday afternoon. So we went over there and marked her baptism for next week, she has already been to church a ton and likes it a lot. So it looks like we will teach her everything this weekend. It super cool when we find people that God has already prepared to accept the gospel. Also another cool story from yesterday. We were sitting in sacrament meeting, when my comp turn to me and said there was a guy outside knocking on the gate to the church. Weird because the gate was open. So we went out there to talk to the dude. It turns out he was looking for work, but we went ahead and invited him to watch the rest of the meeting with us, and he did. He ended up crying during the testimonies and closing prayer. We marked an appointment with him for tomorrow and  I hope he shows up. Our transfers are the 19th. I have no idea if  I will stay in this mission or if I will go to the other mission. I will find out on the 18th I think. Congrats to Cams for graduating! And it sounds like school is going good for you too mom! You ll graduate here soon and be one of the best nurses in the city! It would be super cool to get your Bachelors degree. Would you have to go to BYUI or do online classes? That story from the 70 is super cool. I hope this week goes well for y'all and i have some pictures I will try to send of the cake I made from the package and stuff,  Idon't think so though!  My knee has been okay, it was kinda an easy week on it. Some days it hurts a lot, and some days not so much. I love you guys!
Elder Brady Simpson

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