Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ola Família,
Como vocês estão?
This week was pretty good! We got a reference of a family thats pretty cool, but I don't know how everything is gonna go with them. The first time we tought them was super cool but then when we went back the second time they seemed like they were not interested. It's a family thats having problems with money and lots of other things. We bought them some rice and beans though haha. But they need to get married and stuff. They went to church though. So thats good. My companion is pretty cool, he is super green though haha. It gets kinda annoying at times but its all good. And I think everyone was excited to see me again haha at least i hope so. The broadcast was super good, I really liked it. I did get a little trunky from the videos though, with the elders playing basketball and football. We played soccer all morning with the guys from the ward today its was legit. I love playing sports haha. It sounds like everything is going super good at home! Tell the elders there to baptize Kelleys friend already. The trek should be fun for the kids huh? Um so yeah I think thats about all I have this week, not too much happened. Well love you guys, have a good week!
Love Elder Brady Simpson

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