Wednesday, June 19, 2013


What up yall!
Hows everyone doing? This past week for me was pretty good, except nobody went to church with us, I think cuz it was raining though. So about the guy that knocked, he didn't show up to our appointment and we didnt know how to find him so we lost him. Kinda sad. The other family that we are teaching went on a trip this Sunday and so that kinda screwed up our plans, but the dad has a month off of work starting now so we should be able to teach and baptize them this week.. I hope. So I  have a couple funny stories from this week. On Friday we played soccer with the boys from the other ward, and the other elders, and me and Elder Wilkins showed up and were saying stuff like oh we don't really know how to play and we are gringos so we will be bad sabe? Then when we started playing we destroyed them haha. Elder Wilkins had three goals and I had two. Elder wilkins even made a header. It was super funny because everytime we scored or did something good everyone that was watching would get super excited and start cheering. It was 2 legit to quit. To be honest my knee hasnt been as bad this week, i think it might be because after playing soccer, the rest of my leg has been super sore haha, im so out of shape now. I think summer is gonna be the hardest part of being on the mission, because I know all my friends and family are at home doing cool things. So about Kelleys friend in texas that doesn't have church clothes, tell her that the type of clothing you have is not what matters at all. The Lord knows that she doesn't have the clothes with her and the Lord knows that she has the desire to go to church. We get people at church here in t shirts and jeans and any kind of clothing really. What you wear is not that important. Its all about your attitude. The other funny story I have is from Saturday, we did splits with another group of elders, and guess who I went with, Elder Taylor, my comp from the MTC. It was so much fun. We messed around a lot, and taught a lot of people. So it started raining and two super cute girls passed by in their car and asked us if we wanted a ride, But we said no, because we were close to where we were going. Then it started freaking pouring. and the person we were trying to talk to wasn't home. We started wishing we would've taken the ride in the car haha. We did get to walk along the road of the beeach in the rain though, it was pretty cool. Everytime that we passed a puddle of water Elder Taylor would jump in it to try and splash me, my shoes are still wet today haha. It was super fun. Thats really all the cool things that happened. We have transfers next week. Hope you all have a good week. Love you guys!
Elder Brady Simpson

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