Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ola família!
Hows everyone doing?
So U have some news this week, I am training a new missionary! He is from São Paulo and got here today. I hope I'm up to the challenge. Also I stayed in my area in Ipés which I didn't think would happen because I've already been here for 4 months. So that means I will stay in the João Pessoa mission. Congrats on graduating Mom! Thats super exciting! I was super happy to hear that, and that you got me a new debit card, because mine expires next month in July. So I think you could send it in a letter, and just put a few picture of Jesus and the virgin Mary on the part that you seal on the envelope. I dont' know. We had a Conference with President Hall last week, it was super good, he talked about Christlike attributes and how they help in the mission. It was also the last one he will give before he finishes his mission. I think it will be super weird to get a new mission president. So on Tuesday night we had a family night with one of my favorite families here in the area, and the family of the bishop. They had me make cookies, and they bought Açai. And we ate dinner. It was super good and I got super full haha, but the Dad of the family said something that really made us happy, that his family and the ward can trust in us missionaries, and that me and Elder Wilkins were like a part of their family. It was super cool. So something that will be funny today and tomorrow will be seeing everyone again, because the Zone Leaders said I needed to pack my bags because I would be leaving the house, so I went and said bye to everyone. But as it turns out I stayed here. They put another group of missionaries in the area next to us and then told me I would live like a half hour walk from my area, but our house is in are area, so I ended up staying. So saying hi to everyone again will be fun haha. We always walk around with the book of mormon in our hands, and its amazing how many people ask us about it. I'm jealous of Tyler at football camp, I miss it, if it's possible do you think you could send me a football? Sucks that Nates got sick, barfing sucks. Get Better little man, actually not so little, he has gotton big, at least it looks like it in the pic you sent mom. One more thing, mom do you think you could get on my facebook and add all the people waiting to be my friend? A bunch of people have said they are waiting for a response. If not, I can have a member log on for me, but I'd rather you do it. I love you all and hope yall have a good week!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson
PS i have pictures to send, but I forgot my camera in the house. On monday I guess! Oh and I havent had problems yet with mosquitos, sometimes I get bites on my ankles, because they stick off the end of the bed while I sleep, but thats about it!

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