Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey Family!
My week has gone great! I got grandmas letter last week on like Wednesday. That's pretty cool about the IV thing, kinda strange that you cant practice on your own family if you ask me haha. tell Nathan and Tyler good job in their games! That's crazy that Perry got his Visa that fast! and yeah I'll still be here. i think that's my last week in the MTC. I have got to see Brian Chamberlain a lot, but he left yesterday for the field along with a lot of other really cool guys from North America. I miss football soooooo much, i wish they had one that we could play with here. I guess Ben was at the temple yesterday, and i didn't get to see him, because my district goes to the temple on Wednesdays which sucks. Not really anything exciting has happened here this week, just lots of study and lots of learning how to teach! I finished the book of Mormon again this week though! I challenge y'all to read it again! and tell Jessi that if she starts studying preach my gospel now before she leaves, it will be a great help when she gets to the MTC
Love you All,
Elder Brady Simpson

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