Monday, October 15, 2012


Oi Mae!
Going through customs was great, they didnt check any of our bags haha. My campanion is Elder Spencer Taylor from southern cali, he played lacross at BYU and he is really cool! We have air conditioning in the classrooms, but in our quartos we just a fan and we have wooden screens that go over the window that let in air at night. We have two brazilian roommates that are awesome. they teach us portuguses. i got used to the time change like right away, but we are still always tired because we have long days. The food is good most the time, we have a try everything once or twice rule. The CTM is alot of fun, and i heard is way more laid back then the provo one. every morning we study by ourselves as a district, then in the afternoon and night we have a teacher. My favorite scripture is alma 26:12.. we went to the Sao Paulo temple today, its way pretty! everything here is alot cheaper too. Its crazy how much you can feel the spirit here. Even when someone is talking to you in a different language you can feel it. how can the gospel not be true. tell jessi i feel bad for her, but only a little bit knee was awful after i got off the plane, and it bugged me for a while, but its getting better. i miss you all! i hope everything is going well! Eu sei que Dues vive, e Jesus Cristo vive e  Filho amado de Deus. , eu sei que os familias pode ser eterno. The language pronunciation is weird here, Rs are like H, H is like Y when there is an L before it and D is like a G those are just a few of the weird things.
Com braso ( with a hug),
Elder Simpson

Elder Simpson and the group he was with when he arrived at the CTM in Sao Paulo

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