Monday, October 15, 2012


Como Vai Familia!
Im sorry about the cars not working! Im glad i dont have to worry about that for a while! The traffic here in Sao Paulo is insane. motocyles drive inbetween cars and its just crazy haha. Cameron would love it. We watched conference in english. it was amazing, i would definatly recommend watching it if you have time with school and work and everything. I bet Jessi is starting to freak about about the mish. It will be so fun for her though. The new mission age is pretty crazy news huh? i dont think i wouldve been ready to leave when i turned 18. Sounds like cameron is being a stud out there on the field. Good job buddy! I thought nathan didnt like harry potter? guess he does now haha. i leave the mtc in less than 3 weeks which is pretty crazy! it will be my last week when perry gets here, im glad i get to see him! i think my last day is halloween or the day before! Mostly this week has just been lots of studing o evangelho and a lingua portuguse. its fun now that we can actually make sense when we talk to people! Also if perry has room any candy would be cool and i would really like one of those rockstar lemonade things. im kinda starting to miss american food and drinks. and i definetly miss working out. i feel like im getting fat hah... Eu espero que vocês têm uma bom semana. Eu muito amo vocês.
Stay Classy,
Elder Simpson

P.S. Gabby and all my other friends want my mission address so they can send me letters. if you could give that to them on facebook that would be awesome. the actual mission adress not the mtc one, because by the time they get here i will be in João Pessoa. Also my other mtc teacher added me on facebook today haha. 

Also one of my new roommates is from Vitoria and he knows tyler powell! crazy huh! His name is Elder Kuster. I guess he knew tyler pretty well cuz he asked me about saywer and kade haha. it was all in portuguese too because the new roomies dont speak any english, thats good for us though so that we will learn faster. love you!

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