Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey Family!
my week went well, we are getting better everyday at teaching in Portuguese so that's good, Portuguese is getting more difficult now though. my teachers are amazing. we have been told we have the best ones in the CTM so thats good. my knee only hurts when i run on it, and maybe when i have to climb the stairs haha.. we did not get to hear the CES broadcast, but im pobably gonna go listen to it one of these days! im glad to hear everyone is liking school okay. It gets pretty fun here somedays, my disctrict is great and we joke around alot. My brazilian roommates left yesterday for there missions, so that was sad. they are some really great people. Elder Hayden Wing also left yesterday, it was nice having a friend from home here at the same time. Usually the food here is some sort of meat with rice and beans and fruit and juice to drink. oh and bread, lots of bread. its alot of fun, but i miss football alot. tell nathan good job for me. and you guys of course! and  i miss music too haha. I dont remember bens email address, but my Pday is on wednesdays. it would be way cool to see him. The best part of my week was probably when we learnd head shoulders knees and toes in portuguese, or maybe the first vision. our teachers makes class super fun so thats good!
Eu amo vocês!
Elder Brady Simpson

With some companions at the Mission Ties office

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