Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey yall!
Not really alot has happened this week. Just more studying and stuff like that! its cool that now elder taylor and i are able to teach and get our point across without having to take notes in portuguese with us. we can also understand most everything someone says, if they dont talk too fast haha. We went and got hamburgers with one of our teachers  Irmão Israel today. Its was so good haha. I wrote grandma and grandpa back today so they should get a letter in the next couple weeks. We had a family home evening thing this week with some of the really good friends in our district and our brazilian roommates that left yesterday. it was way cool. the three of them all spoke really good english too. its crazy how fast time is going down here. sometimes the days seem like they never end, but the weeks go by super fast. i miss you all and hope you all are doing well!
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson

Oh yeah, we got lost last week during p day while we were walking around and ended up way outside of the mtc boundry things.. it was soo cool, the people were sooo much nicer and fun to talk to!

P.P.S i think one of my instuctors Irma matos added me as a friend on facebook haha.. oh and tell everyone good job in there games and stuff!

PPPS. Im gonna want more deodorant for sure! They dont have stick deodorant down here, only spray on stuff. The chocolate down here is super good too haha. And yes i did find the mini eggs and gummy bears on like the first night and shared with my friends.. now i wish i still had them.. haha. Eu amo vocês!  

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