Sunday, October 21, 2012


Ola Familia!
Esta semana foi bom! I am not out of deodorant yet, but it will be good to have more so i don't have to use the spray stuff they have here in Brazil! if you can send it with perry it will be way cheaper. If he comes next week i will still be here, but if its the week after i wont be. There are a couple other things i would like you to send if he has room too. Some spark if possible, and one of my MTC teachers was wondering if we could send a multi-colored mechanical pencil, i guess its like one of those pens that has lots of colors and you can choose which one you want. they don't make them here and she really wants one. someone in my district said they sell them at arts and craft stores of something. This week we had a power outage which was kind of crazy, we had class without lights for a couple hours, no big deal though because it was sunny! also we had a member of the area quorum of the seventy speak last night, it was really good! he talked in only Portuguese, and i was able to understand all of it! I was so happy! It was about faith, and real growth, real growth is if we have and increase in faith and conversion. I think his name was Elder Junot. Sawyers mission call is awesome! He´ll be great! Good to hear Nathan won his first game! Thats super exciting! Tell Cameron to stop sucking and fumbling in the end zone, haha just kidding, I'm glad they won. but really, who fumbles in the end zone? I hope this week isn't as stressful for ya! its crazy that Jessi is already in the MTC, do you know if she is there for 3 weeks or six weeks or what? She is a girl so of course it was gonna be a pain for her to pack haha. Diz todo famila que eu amo vocês! Tem um boa semana,
Com amor,
Elder Brady Simpson
Oh yeah i got sick this week too, it sucks! it makes it so hard to focus on stuff. I thought it was just a little cold, but i don't know. i haven't had like any energy since like Sunday, and I'm always tired. i think its just about gone though. Sunday i took a three and a half hour nap, and slept all night just fine. i got some medicine from the doctor here too and its helped a lot.

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