Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey Family!
Tell Cameron that, that is pretty awesome! Give Kelley an asprin and she should be okay haha.. We do get to go the temple every P day which is really nice! today while we were there the power went out halfway through our session, we sat in the darkness for like 15 or 20 minutes before they just had us leave. Last week on p day we went to a bbq place like tucanos, and we had chicken hearts. they were actually kinda good! I forgot to tell Mom Happy Birthday last week, so i will now. Happy Birthday Mom! My companion is awesome, we get along great! And yes we did get some new roommates last week. they are also brazilian, they arent as cool as the last ones though haha. This week weve learned alot about prayer and faith, and a lot of portuguese. we also had a devotional about agency last night that the MTC president gave. it was really good! I have a bunch of pictures from the MTC, but we cant send them from the computers here. i might have to take some and get them printed and send them home in a letter. I haven't seen Ben yet, but i really want to! It would be awesome if you guys could keep me updated on college football haha. Pretty much the only sport we play here is volleyball. I miss yall!
Tudo Bem,
Elder Simpson

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